Wind Power

Wind farms on I-10 near Palm SpringsIf you ever get a chance to drive along the San Bernardino Mountains near Palm Springs, California, you will see an amazing sight. Thousands of windmills tower in the sky. Some of them are 150 feet tall.

It’s almost mesmerizing driving along the road surrounded by rows and rows of these tall white, majestic structures. Their giant blades rotate round and round in the wind.

It’s a beautiful sight, but what’s even more amazing is what these windmills are doing. They’re taking the natural energy of the wind and using it to produce electricity. In the process, they are using a natural resource and producing less pollution. (If you want to learn more about windmills and how they produce electricity, check out Palm Springs Wind Energy Web site.)

God’s given us natural resources, and by using these resources wisely we can help the environment and reduce the pollution around us.

Ellen White wrote, “Let the eye rest on the green fields, the groves, and the hills. Look up to the blue sky, un-obscured by the city’s dust and smoke, and breathe the invigorating air of heaven” (Ministry of Healing 367).

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world that didn’t have so much pollution? You might not be able to set up a windmill anytime soon, but think about what you can do around your home and around your neighborhood to use the resources around you.

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